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So you're an amazing Photographer

It's getting harder and harder to get noticed as a Photographer these days – much less get traffic on Google. How is your marketing strategy setting you apart from others? We thrive as a team to help you grow and expand your business needs. 

We aim to set photographers apart from others by providing them with a proper search engine tailored to their individual needs. A website without proper SEO optimization is often overlooked, but it can become a reality with an enhanced team approach.

Even if you manage to be ranked for a few keywords and phrases, why aren’t you getting any website traffic? Could it be that the keywords you think you are ranking for are hardly ever used? Each marketing strategy is tailored to the development of your business needs. Sweet SEO was born with managing the new growth and development of your prioritized workload.

What We Can Do

Extensive keyword compilation and research so people can find your business.

Sweet SEO will compile a complete systematic analysis, setting you apart from your competitors, Geotags will allow your company to have am edge others don't when search traffic is based off of keywords. With a strategic game plan, your marketing plan will be maximized to its full potential.

Google Maps and Local Area Optimizations so more locals know about you.

In-Depth SEO Technical Audit and analysis to make sure we get you the best results.


Candy Hoehn

My name is Candy Hoehn, and I’ve invested in the opportunities to expand the growth and development of my own business by optimizing my website with white hat SEO techniques tailored to the needs of my company. Aside from being a dedicated and passionate photographer, I am a mother first. I can understand that by prioritizing  your family first, it can lead to a lack of commitment to learning about SEO and inadvertently, it will prevent you from delivering the results possible for your company’s maximum potential.

I was able to harness the potential of SEO to get to page 1 of Google and 99% of my bookings come from Google. No two artists in photography flourish the same way. My marketing designs are based on individual immediate results. I focus on photography companies that are in need of being reborn and that I am confident in delivering a successful return product. I have a passion for understanding the one of a kind qualities that makes your business shine.

The goal is to work together on the unique characteristics that will expand your audience. As a business owner myself, it is my mission to help you tailor the needs of your company in order to grow your photography successfully.

My Goal is to Help You Succeed


Get results with communication about our SEO progress every step of the way.


Increase the number of calls received from people interested in your business. 


Get your site evaluated without any risk to you or business.


Build relationships with your clients and with other local vendors


Get more leads to help your business grow.


Guaranteed to get your business more prospects and increase overrall revenue.




As your site rises the ranks in search results and gets more visibility, you'll attract more clients, which in-turn, equals more money in your pocket. The idea is to concentrate on what's important.







After a full evaluation of your website, we'll set up a personalized SEO optimization objective. We break projects down into manageable task lists and action steps that our team will implement for you.


You'll never be left in the dark about our SEO practices. We'll provide you with measurable results and keep you in the loop about every milestone we achieve for your business.

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We'll manage your search engine optimization so you don't have to.

Let us show you the value of SEO.

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Julia Grant Valdesalice

Jackie Spera Kelley

Sugar and Lace Studio

I have been working on SEO for a year and half and made a lot of progress but never reached the first page in google. I have been stuck in the same spot for about 7 months. I reached out to Candy to see if she could give me some insight on where I was going wrong and what to work on. She responded to me right away with such detailed information. Candy has so much knowledge on SEO and is able to apply it to your specific situation so that you are getting custom information that applies to your website. She also explains it in a way that someone with no SEO knowledge would be able to understand. I would highly recommend Candy to anyone who is struggling with SEO wanting to improve.

Julia V Photography & Pooks & Lulu

Jasmin Pickens

Candy helped open my eyes to the world of SEO. I couldn't believe there was so much involved! Her expertise in this business and warm personality makes her a pleasure to work with. I can only recommend Candy and her team to everyone!

Candy really opened my eyes to the important of SEO in growing my business. There are so many aspects and avenues required to get your rankings up and I had no clue where to start. She was able to explain why I needed something instead of just telling me I needed it. Candy was able to streamline the process for me and make it super manageable! I highly recommend Candy and her team.

Trusted by Photographers

Jackie Kelley Photography

+ many more

Being a photographer myself, I understand how difficult it can be to make yourself standout. Customers may look toward other photographers simply because their page came up first, it happens all the time.

My biggest goal is to help your business become more successful. I am here to handle bringing you more business so you only have to focus on what's more important. You will always know what exactly is being done to help your business at any moment.

I know how important it is for you to continue doing photography so I make it a point to take my clients seriously.

Show me what the challenges you face are and we'll fix them together.


The first step to bringing in more clients is making yourself known... let's make you standout from your competition. 

Candy Hoehn

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